Mondays & Wednesdays

@ Wesley Chapel

Monday evenings at 6:00 pm and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm are our chances throughout the week to worship together in the Wesley Chapel. Our student band leads us in worship while our Pastor teaches. Monday nights are our main teaching nights where our Pastor teaches on the scripture we will look at for the rest of the week.

On Wednesday nights, we have the opportunity to take Holy Communion in the Wesley Chapel. Wednesday nights are centered on the idea of community. At 7:30 pm, immediately following the Communion Service, we have a FREE meal where we can spend time eating together. After the meal, our small groups gather with one another to meet and wrestle with the message of the week.

In all that we teach we strive to be a place where both Christians and non-Christians can wrestle with their faith and what Christ means to them. We are all in different places in our faith ranging from extreme doubt and unbelief to an active life following Jesus. No matter where you are along that path we strive to be a place you can come and wrestle with it all!

Join Us!

271 E. Ninth Street
Cookeville, TN 38501
1.5 blocks east of Derryberry Hall

(931) 526-4353